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Bad Girls Club: Atlanta

My thoughts on all the girls of BGC 10:

Alicia – Ah, I love you! Yeah, you wear some weird shit sometimes but girl you are cute as fuck. You’ve been my favorite since day 1 and you continue to make me love you more every episode. I love me a good redhead. Kudos for beating Janae’s ass. <3 I’m waiting to see you snap again so I can mark the fuck out.

Valentina Everyone seems to hate you, but I fucking love you. It probably has to do with the fact that you and Alicia are BFFs and that’s super cute. Yeah, your way of going about things can be kinda shady, but everyone you’ve been up against was someone that I hated, so I can’t help but be on your side. You have me crackin’ up every week, and something about you is just beyond lovable.

Paula – You’re so great! You come off as being the mother of the house, but on the other hand you can go off the deep end. But let’s face it, you’re on Bad Girls Club for a reason. You’ve done nothing to piss me off and it looks like you beat the fuck out of Shannon, so big props to you.

Stephanie – Why the fuck are you even there? I get not being into the drama but come on now, you can’t even be funny? The first few weeks all I could think was “Girl, put it AWAY” but you become more irrelevant each week. This is the BAD GIRLS CLUB, and you’ve done nothing that sticks out to me. You’re good at getting pounded, I guess?

Nicole – Your voice annoys the fuck out of me. I would guess that you maybe graduated from middle school, but that’s about as far as I would go. You seemed like an annoying drunk and you left like a PUNK. No fighting back, no impact, just leaving like a bitch when no one was even home. You can talk all you want, but bitch you’re weak.

Janae – Most annoying bad girl in a long time. I can’t imagine being around you daily, so I really can’t blame Alicia and Valentina for what they did to you. Hearing your voice for 15 minutes is more than I can handle, so living with you is something that’s beyond comprehendible to me. Did you not watch the show before you came on? You can say that you don’t want to stay around because the other girls are “ratchet,” but again, bitch you’re weak. You talked so much shit and then went down like a PUNK. I read all these posts like “I feel so bad for Janae.” HAHAHA, I don’t. Why? YOU’RE ANNOYING.

Jenniffer – Damn, you’re gorgeous. Yeah, you get really wild when you drink, but I would take your side over Rocky’s ANY DAY. You end up going home because you almost kicked the bitch blind, but you tormented her so much and I love you for that.

Shannon – You’re good for a laugh, and that’s about it. “ShanRock is so threatening.” Yeah right, bitch. You did nothing when you were on your own and you continue to do nothing with Rocky on your side. “No more bullies.” Are you serious, bitch? When Alicia and Valentina were doing all that shit to Janae, where were you? Oh yeah, “faking it ‘til you make it” and laughing RIGHT ALONG WITH THEM. You’re all talk and nothing else. You’re funny because you’re so deluded, and that’s the end of your entertainment value. “You can tell I got some hood in me.” No, but I can tell you’ve HAD a lot of hood in you…But it looks like Paula beats your ass so I’ll be tuning in.

Rocky – Like everyone says, you started off your time in the house using your BFF’s makeup brushes to clean the toilet and the drain, without knowing ANYTHING about your new roommates. You’re a ho, as evidenced in the Jerry episode. You’re annoying as fuck. And that VOICE. You either smoke a lot of cigarettes or drink a lot of whiskey, but either way it’s right up there with Janae’s. And you really think you and Shannon are tough shit? “They fear us.” HAHAHA! Keep telling yourself that. You’re an airhead bitch and that’s about it. Yeah, you’re a bad bitch. LOL! It took you THREE TIMES to do ANYTHING.

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